NFSMWCircuitIcon 4 Player Versus

Circuit is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed 2-3 lap course.

The available selection of Circuit courses depends on the player's current rank on the Blacklist. A higher rank will unlock more circuit courses.

The starting grid of all circuit races consists of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Perfect Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range before the countdown is completed.

The awarded amount of Bounty and cash is dependent on the player's rank on the Blacklist, their finishing position and if the Rockport Police Department was involved at any point during the event.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSMWCircuitIcon Bay Bridge Masterson Harbour, Camden 7.8 mi 12.6 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Boundary Downtown, Rosewood 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Camden Tunnel Masterson Harbour, Camden 7.9 mi 12.7 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Campus Interchange Heritage Heights, Rosewood 13.9 mi 22.3 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Campus Way Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood 5.7 mi 9.1 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Century Square (Circuit) Fairmont Bowl, Downtown Rockport 4.1 mi 6.6 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Circle Rose Downtown, Rosewood 6.8 mi 10.9 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon City Perimeter Downtown, Downtown Rockport 9.9 mi 15.9 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Clubhouse Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 10.4 mi 16.7 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Country Club (Circuit) Heritage Heights, Rosewood 13.9 mi 22.3 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Dunwich Bay Gray Point, Camden 7 mi 11.3 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon East Park Agostini Heights, Downtown Rockport 8.5 mi 13.6 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Gray Point (Circuit) Gray Point, Camden 7.1 mi 11.4 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Hastings Agostini Heights, Downtown Rockport 17.9 mi 28.8 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Heritage & Omega Gray Point, Camden 7.1 mi 11.4 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Heritage Heights (Circuit) Highlander Stadium, Rosewood 7.5 mi 12 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Highlands Heritage Heights, Rosewood 4.3 mi 6.9 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Hillcrest Boundary Highlander Stadium, Rosewood 9.3 mi 14.9 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Hospital Switchback Downtown, Rosewood 7 mi 11.3 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Ironhorse Agostini Heights, Downtown Rockport 8.4 mi 13.5 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Ironwood Estates Heritage Heights, Rosewood 4.2 mi 6.8 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Little Italy Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 5 mi 8.1 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Oil Refinery Camden Beach, Camden 8.5 mi 13.6 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Omega Downtown, Rosewood 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Omega & Industry Gray Point, Camden 8.5 mi 13.7 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Petersburg (Circuit) Cascade Industrial Park, Camden 5.7 mi 9.1 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Switchback Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood 8.9 mi 14.3 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Warrent Road Fairmont Bowl, Downtown Rockport 4.1 mi 6.6 km
NFSMWCircuitIcon Waterfront Cascade Industrial Park, Camden 6.1 mi 9.8 km

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