NFSMWIcon VisualCustomGauges
Custom Gauges are a selection of visual upgrades featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Custom Gauges

Name Image Price Unlock
Sonic NFSMW CustomGauge Sonic $500 Defeat Blacklist #14
Apex NFSMW CustomGauge Apex $500 Defeat Blacklist #14
Warp NFSMW CustomGauge Warp $500 Defeat Blacklist #14
Vision NFSMW CustomGauge Vision $600 Defeat Blacklist #11
Boost NFSMW CustomGauge Boost $600 Defeat Blacklist #11
Double-Clutch NFSMW CustomGauge DoubleClutch $800 Defeat Blacklist #9
Brakestand NFSMW CustomGauge Brakestand $800 Defeat Blacklist #9
Hairpin NFSMW CustomGauge Hairpin $1,000 Defeat Blacklist #7
Glint NFSMW CustomGauge Glint $1,000 Defeat Blacklist #7
Splitstream NFSMW CustomGauge Splitstream $1,500 Defeat Blacklist #1


  • The PlayStation 2 demo of Need for Speed: Most Wanted features a different selection of custom gauge designs compared to the final game.

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