Ambush is a singleplayer pursuit-based game mode in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

Players must escape the police within a set time to earn modifications and Speed Points. There are no set routes, meaning players can drive to any location within Fairhaven City.


Name Location Gold Silver Bronze
Bloody Nose Bacon Plaza, McClane 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00
Double Parked Harris Road, Downtown 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00
Liberty Park Vernon Rise, Hughes Park 2:00:00 6:00:00 > 6:00:00
Storehouse Stakeout Callahan Street, Callahan Industrial 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00
The Fugitive I-92 North, Hodges Airfield 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00
The Hunted Burke Street, Ripley's Point 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Jailbird ?, Airport 2:30:00 6:30:00 > 6:30:00

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