Burn Nitrous is a vehicle modification in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). It is available for all vehicles in both single player and multiplayer.

Equipping the Burn Nitrous modification allow the player to activate an oxidising agent that will in increase the power output of the vehicle's engine for the duration of its usage.

Nitrous will slowly regenerate as the player drives their vehicle but the rate of replenishment will dramatically increase if the player successfully performs dangerous driving acts or by passing through a Repair Shop.

The professional Burn Nitrous modification offers a larger tank capacity.

Single Player

The standard Burn Nitrous modification is unlocked in single player through the completion of a specific event that differs per vehicle.

The professional modification is unlocked upon the player using Burn Nitrous for a total of 300 seconds.

The standard and professional variations of the Burn Nitrous mod has to be unlocked individually for each vehicle in single player.


The standard Burn Nitrous modification is automatically unlocked in multiplayer for all vehicles.

The professional modification is unlocked upon the player performing 40 Perfect Nitrous with the standard Burn Nitrous equipped to any vehicle during SpeedLists.

A Perfect Nitrous is performed upon the player completely filling an empty nitrous bar without colliding with an object. The professional modification is unlocked for all vehicles upon the player meeting its unlock requirements.

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