Modifications appear in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) as a form of performance enhancer for a player's vehicle.

Players will earn upgrades and modifications for an individual vehicle by meeting specific targets for that vehicle. These targets include takedowns & driving a certain distance. They are also rewarded by finishing in the Top 2 in an event.

These unlocks include modifications for each vehicle's tyres, suspension, gearboxes, durability, nitrous, weight reductions and body work. These can be equipped while driving via the EasyDrive menu.

Pro modifications restore negative performance enhancements to Stock level whilst improving desired performance traits.

NFSMW2012BodyIcon Aero
NFSMW2012BodyIcon Impact Protection
NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Lightweight
NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram (Update)
NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Reinforced
NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Burn
NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Jump (DLC)
NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Powershot
NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon  Long
NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon Short
NFSMW2012TyresIcon Drift (DLC)
NFSMW2012TyresIcon Off-Road
NFSMW2012TyresIcon Reinflate
NFSMW2012TyresIcon Track

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