Speed Run is a point-to-point race type featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

The player must reach or surpass a set average speed before reaching the final checkpoint to obtain modifications and Speed Points. Some Speed Run events feature the police as obstacles for the player.


Name Location Length Heat Level
NFSMW2012UltimateSpeedPackIcon Critical Path Burke Street, Ripley's Point 4.2 mi  (6.8 km) -
Downgraded Clark Street, Hughes Park 2.2 mi  (3.6 km) -
Downtown Run Vincennes Road, Fairhaven 3.0 mi  (4.9 km) -
Fast Track Access Road, Callahan Industrial 2.9 mi  (4.7 km) -
NFSMW2012NFSHeroesPackIcon Fuelled Access Road, Callahan Industrial 3.1 mi  (5.0 km) -
NFSMW2012UltimateSpeedPackIcon Full Overdrive Brody Street, Fairhaven 2.5 mi  (4.0 km) -
NFSMW2012UltimateSpeedPackIcon Full Throttle Beltway East, The Beltway 3.1 mi  (5.0 km) -
Get to the Chopper Beddoe Drive, Callahan Industrial 4.2 mi  (6.7 km) -
Gravity Brigman Drive, Ripley's Point 2.3 mi  (3.7 km) -
Industrial Way I92 Junction 10, Interstate 92 3.0 mi  (4.8 km) -
NFSMW2012UltimateSpeedPackIcon Live for Speed Exley Way, Fairhaven 6.1 mi  (9.8 km) -
Needle Point I92 Junction 10, Interstate 92 4.4 mi  (7.1 km) 6
NFSMW2012NFSHeroesPackIcon Running Wild I92 West, Interstate 92 3.7 mi  (6.0 km) -
NFSMW2012UltimateSpeedPackIcon The Descent Peterson Street, Fairhaven 4.4 mi  (7.2 km) -
The Getaway Burnett Street, Downtown 2.3 mi  (3.8 km) 1
To the Bridge I92 East, Interstate 92 2.9 mi  (4.7 km) -
Turbine Whalen Street, Downtown 2.0 mi  (3.3 km) -

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