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Replayable races

Certain races can be played over and over again in order to get Cash and Performance Parts.

Note: as of the 10 March 2017 update the rewards in the following table are out of date! It seems that only the blueprint rewards were kept as-is.

Chapter Race Name Type Track Rewards
1 3 Against the Clock (video) Time Trial Mapletree Short, Night (image) NFSNLFlywheel SmallIcon Flywheel, NFSNLMounts SmallIcon Mounts, †
1 5 Storm Highway (video) Rush Hour Hope Bridge East, Night (image) NFSNLClamp SmallIcon Clamp, NFSNLSpring SmallIcon Spring, †
1 8 First Scalp (video) Rush Hour The Square East, Night (image) NFSNLThrustSleeve SmallIcon Thrust Sleeve
2 2 All About the Nitro (video) Nitro Rush Blackridge Strip Drive, Night (image) NFSNLFastener SmallIcon Fastener, NFSNLTread SmallIcon Tread
2 5 Time to Fly Airborne NFSNLInputShaft SmallIcon Input Shaft, NFSNLThermosensor SmallIcon Thermosensor
2 8 Lessons to Learn Airborne NFSNLFuse SmallIcon Fuse
3 3 Road Trip Time Trial NFSNLMounts SmallIcon Mounts
3 5 Nitro Alley Nitro Rush The Square West, Night (image) NFSNLFuse SmallIcon Fuse, NFSNLValve SmallIcon Valve
3 8 Wheely Fast Blockade Blackridge Strip, Night (image) BMW M3 Coupé 1999 blueprints, NFSNLIntake SmallIcon Intake
4 3 Green-Eyed Monster Hunter NFSNLBackplate SmallIcon Backplate, ‡
4 6 Sound of Sirens Blockade NFSNLBrakeDisc SmallIcon Brake Disc, NFSNLClutchPlate SmallIcon Clutch Plate
4 9 Crushing Skulls Rush Hour NFSNLHarness SmallIcon Harness
5 2 Out Run Rush Hour Snake Pass, Night (image) NFSNLGasket SmallIcon Gasket, NFSNLTank SmallIcon Tank
5 5 Nitro Skirmish Nitro Rush NFSNLRelay SmallIcon Relay, NFSNLFlywheel SmallIcon Flywheel
5 8 Road Rage Rush Hour Subaru Impreza WRX STI blueprints, NFSNLBlock SmallIcon Block
6 3 Mad Dash Rush Hour Toyota Supra blueprints, NFSNLDumpPipe SmallIcon Dump Pipe, †
6 6 Trial by Fire Time Trial NFSNLBlock SmallIcon Block, NFSNLRegulator SmallIcon Regulator
6 9 Porsche Unleashed Airborne NFSNLTank SmallIcon Tank
7 2 Down to Business Nitro Rush NFSNLDumpPipe SmallIcon Dump Pipe, NFSNLPressurePlate SmallIcon Pressure Plate
7 4 More Circle Work Rush Hour NFSNLHose SmallIcon Hose, NFSNLBrakeDisc SmallIcon Brake Disc
7 7 Power Drift Hunter Blackridge Channel Pass, Night (image) NFSNLGasket SmallIcon Gasket, NFSNLClamp SmallIcon Clamp
7 9 Life Fast, Drive Young Rush Hour Dodge Challenger SRT8 blueprints, NFSNLThermosensor SmallIcon Thermosensor
8 3 Totally Addicted to Race Time Trial Blackridge Strip Pass, Night (image) NFSNLBeadWire SmallIcon Bead Wire, NFSNLPressurePlate SmallIcon Pressure Plate
8 6 Brute Force Rush Hour NFSNLBearing SmallIcon Bearing, NFSNLHarness SmallIcon Harness
8 9 Nitrous Antidote Rush Hour Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 blueprints, NFSNLRelay SmallIcon Relay
9 2 Gridlock Rush Hour NFSNLAirflowMeter SmallIcon Airflow Meter, NFSNLBlock SmallIcon Block
9 5 Safe and Sound Time Trial NFSNLFastener SmallIcon Fastener, NFSNLMounts SmallIcon Mounts
9 7 Take No Prisoners Rush Hour NFSNLClutchPlate SmallIcon Clutch Plate, NFSNLIntake SmallIcon Intake
9 10 No Limits Rush Hour Ford Mustang GT blueprints, NFSNLTread SmallIcon Tread
10 2 Livin in the Fast Lane Nitro Rush NFSNLSpring SmallIcon Spring, NFSNLThrustSleeve SmallIcon Thrust Sleeve, †
10 4 Get on the Bus Rush Hour NFSNLBackplate SmallIcon Backplate, NFSNLClamp SmallIcon Clamp
10 7 Beat the Clock Time Trial NFSNLFlywheel SmallIcon Flywheel, NFSNLThermosensor SmallIcon Thermosensor
10 9 Fire With Fire (video) Rush Hour Blackridge Strip Rush, Night (image) Porsche 911 (911) Carrera blueprints, NFSNLValve SmallIcon Valve
11 2 Seized Nitro Rush NFSNLGasket SmallIcon Gasket, NFSNLTread SmallIcon Tread
11 5 Riding Dirty Blockade NFSNLFastener SmallIcon Fastener, NFSNLInputShaft SmallIcon Input Shaft
11 7 Uptown Grill Nitro Rush NFSNLBackplate SmallIcon Backplate, NFSNLBrakeDisc SmallIcon Brake Disc
11 10 Easy Come, Easy Go Airborne Ironboar Bridge Dash, Night (image) BMW M4 F82 blueprints, NFSNLIntake SmallIcon Intake
12 2 Paradise by the Dashboard Light Hunter Snake Pass, Night (image) NFSNLDriveShaft SmallIcon Drive Shaft, NFSNLPistons SmallIcon Pistons
12 4 Cruise Control Nitro Rush Dry Gulch Sprint, Night (image) Ferrari F40 blueprints, NFSNLBattery SmallIcon Battery
12 7 Under Fire Time Trial Cornerstone North, Night (image) NFSNLBearing SmallIcon Bearing, NFSNLMounts SmallIcon Mounts
12 10 Dead Ahead Rush Hour Blackridge Strip Rush, Night (image) Mercedes-AMG GT blueprints, NFSNLClamp SmallIcon Clamp
13 2 Make Every Second Count Time Trial The Square East, Night Brake Calipers, Relay
13 5 Milk The Clock Time Trial Block, Fuse
13 7 Close The Gap Rush Hour Clutch Plate, Fastener
13 10 Take The Power Blockade Nissan GT-R R35 blueprints, Spring
14 2 Redline Hunter Solenoid, Clamp
14 5 Every Which Way Rush Hour Bead Wire, Pressure Plate
14 8 Groupies Time Trial Clutch Plate, Input Shaft
14 11 One Of Us Rush Hour SRT Viper GTS blueprints, Gasket
15 2 So Far So Good Rush Hour Blow Off Valve, Throttle Sensor
15 4 Stir Crazy Time Trial Dump Pipe, Mounts
15 7 Off The Cuff Hunter Harness, Thermosensor
15 10 Fuel To The Fire Blockade Ferrari 458 Italia blueprints, Bearing
16 3 Bail Out Rush Hour Drive Shaft, Spring
16 5 Breakthrough Nitro Rush Brake Disc, Tread
16 8 Chase Down Hunter Hose, Regulator
16 11 Above The Law Rush Hour McLaren 650S blueprints, Clamp
17 2 In the Clear Nitro Rush Dump Pipe, Pressure Plate
17 5 Down and Dirty Time Trial Solenoid, Relay
17 8 Down to the Wire Rush Hour Intake, Flywheel
18 11 Go the Distance Rush Hour Lamborghini Aventador blueprints, Mounts
18 3 Dig in Your Heels Hunter Battery, Throttle Sensor
18 5 To Come Full Circle Time Trial Block, Gasket
18 8 Fast Track Rush Hour Blow Off Valve, Bearing
18 11 Bad Egg Rush Hour Pagani Huyara blueprints, Clamp
19 2 Earn Your Keep Nitro Rush Airflow Meter, Bead Wire
19 5 Fight or Flight Rush Hour Drive Shaft, Fuse
19 8 Leave in the Dust Rush Hour Caliper, Pistons
19 11 Final Countdown Rush Hour Koenigsegg CCS blueprints, Mounts


# Name Number of races
1 Genesis 8
2 Evolution 8
3 No Retreat 8
4 RPM 9
5 Rushdown 8
6 Skirmish 9
7 Downtown Dash 9
8 Faceoff 9
9 The Challenge 10
10 The Long Road 9
11 Domination 10
12 No Surrender 10
13 Supercharged 10
14 Showdown 11
15 Powermatch 10
16 The Last Gate 11
17 No Limits 11
18 Final Showdown 11
19 Return 11

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