Personalisation in Need for Speed: Rivals includes a series of customisable items for the racer and police factions. Some items are only available for the racer faction and may need to be purchased with Speed Points.

The selection of items differs between vehicles in some aspects depending on a vehicle's heat level and performance attributes.


The body paint of each racer vehicle can be altered with an available selection of pre-defined stock colours or with the application of a custom colour and paint finish.


Stripes are a series of body vinyls that can be applied to each racer vehicle.


Decals are a series of body vinyls that can be applied to each racer vehicle.

Wraps & Liveries

Liveries are tailor made vinyls that can cover the entire body of each racer vehicle. They can only be unlocked for racer vehicles by completing SpeedLists.

Licence Plates

A series of differing licence plate styles with each faction having an alternative selection from each other.

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