Pursuit is a racer versus police game type featured in Need for Speed: Rivals.


RCPD units are obliged to pursue and bust racers found on the roads of Redview County. Police units can initiate a pursuit against a racer by activating their sirens within the vicinity of a racer.

A single police unit can attempt to pursue multiple racers although performing such an action will dispatch support units. Racers are each given a heat level from one to ten, with each level giving a higher reward of Speed Points upon a successful bust.

A police officer will be ejected from a pursuit if they lose sight of a racer for a small amount of time or if their vehicle is wrecked.


Racers will attract the attention of RCPD units as they increase their heat level. Reaching higher heat levels will attract the attention of greater police forces as busting a high heat level racers yields a better reward.

Racers can evade a pursuit by either outrunning pursuing RCPD units, exiting a pursuers field of vision or by entering a Safehouse.

A racer that is wrecked by a police unit will be retired from their current free roam session and forgo any Speed Points they have earned during that session. A busted racer will respawn in the nearest Safehouse.

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