National Park is a series of events featured in the Challenge Series for Need for Speed: The Run, and is unlocked upon the player completing Stage 2 of The Run.

The series features various events taking place along Highway 140, El Portal Road, El Capitan Road, Tioga Pass Road, and Ellery Lake through Yosemite National Park.

Bronze  Nissan Skyline GT-R
Silver  Autolog Profile Icons
Gold  Porsche 911 GT2 "Rauh-Welt"
Platinum  Autolog Profile Icons

Mountain Men

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Mountain Men is a Sprint race taking place along Highway 140, and is restricted to tier 2 cars.

"Road's closed and there's no traffic in sight. Put your pedal to the metal and win this race."
Bronze   3:00.00 Silver   2:40.00 Gold   2:25.00 Platinum   2:20.00
Car Class: Any Tier 2 Car

Offroad Mayhem

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Offroad Mayhem is a Sprint race taking place along the off-road routes of El Portal Road, and is restricted to tier 2 AWD cars.

"Who says the beaten trails are always the safest paths? Tame the madness."
Bronze   3:00.00 Silver   2:45.00 Gold   2:35.00 Platinum   2:30.00
Car Class: Tier 2 AWD Cars Only

Ford Challenge

HeaderMainLeft TIME CHALLENGE HeaderMainRight

Ford Challenge is a Time Challenge taking place along El Capitan Road, and is restricted to tier 2 Ford cars.

"Race your way up the Yosemite trail, and watch for traffic in this Ford only time challenge."
Bronze   2:30.00 Silver   2:15.00 Gold   2:08.00 Platinum   2:03.00
Car Class: Tier 2 Ford Only

Tioga Run

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Tioga Run is a Sprint race taking place along Tioga Pass Road at night, and is restricted to tier 2 muscle cars.

"Push it to the limit down this steep and bendy downhill. Make some room as it's crowded at the top."
Bronze   3:30.00 Silver   3:15.00 Gold   3:00.00 Platinum   2:52.00
Car Class: Tier 2 Muscle Cars

King of the Road

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

King of the Road is a Sprint race taking place along Ellery Lake, and is restricted to the McLaren MP4-12C "Fifty-Five" Signature Edition.

"PREVIEW: Pick up the pace and cut up the Tioga Pass with a couple fast rivals."
Bronze   3:20.00 Silver   3:05.00 Gold   2:55.00 Platinum   2:42.00
Car Class: McLaren MP4-12C "Fifty-Five"

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