Nevada Dreams is a series of events featured in the Challenge Series for Need for Speed: The Run, and is unlocked upon the player completing Stage 3 of The Run.

The series features various events taking place across the Mojave Desert along Panamint Valley, Junction Road, Old Spanish Trail, and Las Vegas.

Bronze  Nissan 370Z
Silver  Autolog Profile Icons
Gold  Pontiac Firebird Formula "Need for Speed"
Platinum  Autolog Profile Icons

Dry Heat

HeaderMainLeft BATTLE MODE HeaderMainRight

Dry Heat is a Battle event taking place along Panamint Valley with 3 opponents, and is restricted to any tier 2 car.

"Battle it out against 3 top drivers in the sandy hills of Nevada."
Bronze   3:05.00 Silver   3:00.00 Gold   2:55.00 Platinum   2:43.00
Car Class: Any Tier 2 Car


HeaderMainLeft TIME CHALLENGE HeaderMainRight

Outrun is a Time Challenge taking place along Junction Road against Dodge Charger SRT-8 Highway Police Units, and is restricted to Tier 2 sports cars.

"Escape the police and avoid the roadblocks set up in town."
Bronze   2:00.00 Silver   1:40.00 Gold   1:35.00 Platinum   1:30.00
Car Class: Tier 2 Sports Cars

Vegas Velocity

HeaderMainLeft TIME CHALLENGE HeaderMainRight

Vegas Velocity is a Time Challenge taking place through Las Vegas and is restricted to Tier 2 muscle cars.

"Timed traffic run through the busy Vegas streets."
Bronze   2:50.00 Silver   2:35.00 Gold   2:28.00 Platinum   2:24.00
Car Class: Tier 2 Muscle Cars

Sin City Street Race

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Sin City Street Race is a Rival event taking place along Las Vegas Boulevard against a BMW 1 Series M Coupe and Ford Interceptor Police Units. It is restricted to tier 2 sports cars.

"1-on-1 Rivalry while being chased by a plethora of cops."
Bronze   2:30.00 Silver   2:00.00 Gold   1:45.00 Platinum   1:35.00
Car Class: Tier 2 Sports Cars

Lotus Battle

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Lotus Battle is a Rival event taking place along Old Spanish Trail against a Lotus Exige Cup 260, and is restricted to the Lotus Evora.

"PREVIEW: Lotus wants to face off the Evora against the Exige. Take the Evora and see if you are up to the challenge."
Bronze   3:10.00 Silver   3:05.00 Gold   3:00.00 Platinum   2:55.00
Car Class: Lotus Evora

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