Windy City is a series of events featured in the Challenge Series for Need for Speed: The Run, and is unlocked upon the player completing Stage 7 of The Run.

The series features various events taking place within and around Chicago, Illinois as well as the farmlands of Wisconsin.

Bronze  Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Silver  Autolog Profile Icons
Gold  Renault Mégane RS "Need for Speed"
Platinum  Autolog Profile Icons

Hard Action

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Hard Action is a Battle event taking place along the country roads of Wisconsin, and is restricted to any tier 4 car.

"Hard racing action is a way of life. The quiet, peaceful farms aren't expecting your rampage. Show then how you live."
Bronze   3:30.00 Silver   3:00.00 Gold   2:40.00 Platinum   2:30.00
Car Class: Any Tier 4 Car


HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Oncoming is a Rival race taking place along Riverside Drive in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and is restricted to tier 4 sports cars.

"All bets are off as you race through oncoming traffic."
Bronze   3:30.00 Silver   3:00.00 Gold   2:45.00 Platinum   2:33.00
Car Class: Tier 4 Sports Cars

Lower the Wacker

HeaderMainLeft TIME CHALLENGE HeaderMainRight

Lower the Wacker is a Time Challenge event taking place in Downtown Chicago, and is restricted to Tier 5 Signature Edition cars.

"The cops have set up roadblocks to take you down. Break through and elude them."
Bronze   2:45.00 Silver   2:20.00 Gold   2:00.00 Platinum   1:52.00
Car Class: Tier 5 Signature Edition Cars

GT-R SpecV Showdown

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

GT-R SpecV Showdown is a Sprint race taking place along the Kennedy Expressway in Park Ridge, Illinois, and is restricted to the Nissan GT-R SpecV.

"The interstate is busy tonight. Expect multiple pile-ups and try not to be the one driving into the pile."
Bronze   3:00.00 Silver   2:40.00 Gold   2:32.00 Platinum   1:27.00
Car Class: Nissan GT-R SpecV

Street Legal

HeaderMainLeft FINISH 1ST HeaderMainRight

Street Legal is a Sprint race taking place within Downtown Chicago, and is restricted to the Volkswagen Scirocco R "Dragon" Signature Edition.

"PREVIEW: Take to the streets in this nighttime sport tuner challenge."
Bronze   2:30.00 Silver   2:15.00 Gold   2:00.00 Platinum   1:55.00
Car Class: Volkswagen Scirocco R "Dragon"


  • The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni appears on an image for the Oncoming event, but can not be selected for that event.

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