NFSUCPS2 ModeIconChasedown

Chase Down is a single player game mode available only in Career mode. During the game's progression, the player is awarded with three Tri-City Bay Police Department vehicles that can be accessed by the garage:

Once the player selects the desired vehicle, he must search and arrest nine Racers by taking down them. The player has a predetermined timer that goes down once he spot the Racer vehicle, where if the Racer doesn't get arrested before the time runs out, the event ends.


Development - Some content may have altered during development.
  • There is an unused mesh variant for the driveable police vehicles. They features a paintable body, vinyls, roof, and spoiler, but doesn't have any body damage besides its windows.
  • Police Civic Cruiser and Police Rhino were planned to be accessible by the player for Chase Down and multiplayer game modes.[1][2]


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