Cost to State is a game mode featured in Need for Speed: Undercover. The objective of the game mode is for the player to achieve a target cost to state, during a police pursuit within a given amount of time.


Type Name Start Location Time Limit Target
NFSUCIconCostToState Alena & Harbor Palm Harbor 6:00 $30,000
NFSUCIconCostToState Aubrey & Wilson Palm Harbor 3:00 $15,000
NFSUCIconCostToState East Freightyard Access Port Crescent 10:00 $50,000
NFSUCIconCostToState East Konopa Palm Harbor 4:00 $10,000
NFSUCIconCostToState East Prime Ave Port Crescent 2:30 $10,000
NFSUCIconCostToState Eastside & Sheridan Sunset Hills 5:30 $25,000
NFSUCIconCostToState North Sutton Palm Harbor 4:00 $15,000
NFSUCIconCostToState North Victory Port Crescent 6:00 $30,000
NFSUCIconCostToState Powell & Dock Port Crescent 7:30 $40,000
NFSUCIconCostToState South Harbor Palm Harbor 5:00 $25,000
NFSUCIconCostToState South Naval Access Port Crescent 4:30 $20,000
NFSUCIconCostToState South Pine Creek Sunset Hills 5:00 $20,000
NFSUCIconCostToState West Southbridge Sunset Hills 3:20 $15,000
NFSUCIconCostToState West Water Street Palm Harbor 5:00 $12,500

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