NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun

Outrun is a player versus player game mode between two racers featured in Need for Speed: Undercover. To win racer must stay in the lead for a specific amount of time or or outrun the opponent by getting further than the determined distance.

The available selection of outrun events depends on player's Rank. Achieving higher rank will unlock more events.


Type Name Start Location
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Harbor Road Outrun Port Crescent
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Wideman's Outrun Port Crescent
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Belletown Chase Palm Harbor
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Bank Avenue Outrun Palm Harbor
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Northbridge Chase Sunset Hills
NFSUCPS2 ModeIconOutrun Carmen's Chase Sunset Hills

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