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Sprint is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course. The first racer to reach the finish line is the winner.

The available selection of sprint courses depends on player's Wheelman Level. Achieving higher level will unlock more events.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSUCIconSprint Aubrey Street Palm Harbor 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Bay & Alena Palm Harbor 6.2 mi 9.9 km
NFSUCIconMasterSprint Bay Drive & Harbor Palm Harbor 5.5 mi 8.9 km
NFSUCIconSprint Canyon to Gold Coast Gold Coast Mountains 6.8 mi 11 km
NFSUCIconSprint Cross Slope & Ocean Palm Harbor 3.2 mi 5.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Diamond & River Sunset Hills 7.3 mi 11.7 km
NFSUCIconSprint East I-85 Interstate 85 10.6 mi 17 km
NFSUCIconSprint East Naval Access Port Crescent 5.5 mi 8.8 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gold Coast Offramp Interstate 5 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gold Coast to Causeway Gold Coast Mountains 7.1 mi 11.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gold Coast to Diamond Sunset Hills 4.8 mi 7.7 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gold Coast to I-10 Gold Coast Mountains 5.9 mi 9.5 km
NFSUCIconMasterSprint Gold Coast to Ocean Palm Harbor 6.8 mi 11 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gold Coast to Valencia Gold Coast Mountains 10.4 mi 16.7 km
NFSUCIconSprint Gusa & Cross Slope Palm Harbor 6.3 mi 10.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Harbor & Malcolm Palm Harbor 3.2 mi 5.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Hillside & Hunter Sunset Hills 6.8 mi 10.9 km
NFSUCIconSprint I-5 Loop Interstate 5 8.4 mi 13.5 km
NFSUCIconSprint I-5 to Hillside Blvd Interstate 5 8.3 mi 13.3 km
NFSUCIconSprint I-5 to Tuscany Loop Interstate 5 12.7 mi 20.5 km
NFSUCIconSprint I-20 Offramp Interstate 20 5.8 mi 9.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint I-85 to Inlet Expressway Interstate 85 7.6 mi 12.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Morin to Cross Slope Sunset Hills 8.5 mi 13.7 km
NFSUCIconSprint North Gord Avenue Sunset Hills 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint North Narrows Bridge Palm Harbor 5.7 mi 9.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint Ocean & Jackson Palm Harbor 4.2 mi 6.7 km
NFSUCIconSprint Silverwood to I-10 Sunset Hills 4.8 mi 7.8 km
NFSUCIconSprint Sheridan & Willow Sunset Hills 14.2 mi 22.9 km
NFSUCIconSprint Southbridge & Gord Sunset Hills 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSUCIconMasterSprint South Canyon Hwy Gold Coast Mountains 5.5 mi 8.9 km
NFSUCIconSprint South Eastside Sunset Hills 4.7 mi 7.6 km
NFSUCIconSprint South Inlet Bridge Port Crescent 6.7 mi 10.8 km
NFSUCIconSprint Stadium & Francisco Palm Harbor 4.7 mi 7.6 km
NFSUCIconSprint Sutton & Cross Slope Palm Harbor 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSUCIconSprint Valencia to Hillside Blvd Gold Coast Mountains 8.9 mi 14.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint Water & Veteran Palm Harbor 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSUCIconSprint West Cross Slope Palm Harbor 4.6 mi 7.4 km
NFSUCIconSprint West Fasulo Bridge Sunset Hills 5.1 mi 8.2 km
NFSUCIconSprint West Mountain Hwy Port Crescent 4.2 mi 6.8 km
NFSUCIconSprint West Valencia Gold Coast Mountains 8 mi 12.9 km

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