Upgrades featured in Need for Speed: Undercover are used to improve vehicle performance.

The Quick Upgrade menu allows players to instantly upgrade power or handling performance of their car. It is also possible to install individual performance parts, which can be found within the Upgrade Parts menu.


Players can choose from Street, Race and Pro parts, with the latter offering the biggest increase in performance. Ultimate parts are only available for Tier 1 cars. Every upgrade level will be unlocked with a higher career mode progress;

  • Street - Unlock the Palm Harbor Street Parts Shop (Wheelman Level 2)
  • Race - Unlock the Sunset Hills Race Parts Shop (Wheelman Level 7.5)
  • Pro - Unlock the Port Crescent Pro Parts Shop (Wheelman Level 12)
  • Ultimate - Unlock the Port Crescent Tier 1 Car Shop (Wheelman Level 13.5)

Upgrade Parts

All upgrade parts can be altered by players within the Tuning menu. Stock parts cannot be tuned.

Upgrade Effect Tuning
Engine Improves top speed and acceleration More torque or more power
Nitrous Oxide Enables a temporary boost in acceleration Longer duration or more speed
Forced Induction Improves acceleration More boost at lower or higher rpm
Suspension Improves handling Softer or harder ride
Drivetrain Improves top speed and acceleration Higher top speed or faster acceleration
Brakes Improves handling More braking power to front or rear
Tyres Improves handling More drifting or more grip


  • More low-end torque allows players to improve acceleration but at the cost of top speed. Doing the opposite will improve top speed but affect acceleration.
    • Players may keep both speed and acceleration performance high by adjusting forced induction and drivetrain upgrades as well.
  • Players that constantly apply bursts of nitrous may find setups with longer durations more useful.
  • Vehicles with stiff suspensions come with improved steering feedback but are less controllable off the road. Players can soften their suspension to improve offroad performance but also induce more oversteer simultaneously.
  • Tyres tuned for drifting will make a car less susceptible to understeer and vice versa.

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