NFSU2 HY Level3
Hydraulics are visual upgrades featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2.

Hydraulics can be used in free roam mode and during a photo opportunity for a magazine. Utilising hydraulics will also earn the player additional nitrous.

Players can activate a vehicle's hydraulics by holding a particular button for each platform. The hydraulics can be controlled whilst activated and allow the car's body to pivot depending on the height from each individual hydraulic.

A vehicle's hydraulics can be upgraded to different levels as each upgrade will add new abilities. The vehicle will be given additional hydraulic movement as well as adding a bounce ability after reaching the highest possible upgrade.

There are three levels of hydraulics; levels 1, 2, and 3. Level 1 is basic hydraulics where only the vehicle's front and back can go up and down. Level 2 makes it so that the sides can go up and down as well. Level 3 makes it so that the car can do levels 1 and 2 as well as bounce in the front, back, and sides.


Name Price Visual Rating Unlock
Level 1 Hydraulics 750 0,20 Available from the beginning of the game
Level 2 Hydraulics 1,100 0,40 Find the Car Specialties Shop in Beacon Hill
Level 3 Hydraulics 1,600 0,60 Find the Car Specialties Shop in Coal Harbor West


  • A vehicle's Hydraulics will deactivate after it surpasses 30mph.
  • A vehicle's front may collide with the road if the rear hydraulics reach a sufficient height.