Nitrous Purge is a visual upgrade featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2.

There are three types of Nitrous Purge upgrades; Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Players can select different nozzles for every category. Coloured nitrous sprays are only available for upgrades using every nozzle.

Nitrous Purge can only be purchased after installing any Nitrous upgrade. Doing so will automatically equip the player's vehicle with a Type 1 Nitrous Purge.

Nitrous Purges

Name Price Visual Rating Unlock
Type 1 - 0,00 Available from the beginning of the game
Type 2 (Standard) 100 0,10 Find the Car Specialties Shop in Beacon Hill
Type 3 (Standard) 200 0,20 Complete 7 races in Stage 4
Type 2 (Colours) 300 0,40 Complete 7 races in Stage 4
Type 3 (Colours) 300 0,40 Complete 7 races in Stage 4


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