Racebreaker is a nitrous refill gameplay mechanic featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2. It works in conjunction with a Nitrous Oxide upgraded vehicle.


Unlike Need for Speed: Underground, nitrous is no longer limited and can be regained through the Racebreaker feature. It will restore a certain amount of used nitrous capacity upon the player performing driving stunts or giving themselves an competitive edge in a race. The player can fill up to two nitrous bars, with the second bar being highlighted by a brighter colour.

Several Racebreaker actions will be multiplied the more often the player is able to repeat them. However, the multiplier will be reset if the player fails to meet an action's prerequisite by crashing with a traffic car for instance.

Racebreaker Actions

Action Prerequisite Points Max. Multiplier
360° Perform a donut 400 x1
Avoided Accident Drive closely to a traffic vehicle at high speed 150 x5
Clean Section Complete a race section without hitting an obstacle 150 x3
Gained 1st Become 1st in a race 200 x1
Gained 2nd Become 2nd in a race 100 x1
Gained 3rd Become 3rd in a race 50 x1
Gained 4th Become 4th in a race  ? x1
Gained 5th Become 5th in a race  ? x1
J Turn Perform a 180° direction change whilst driving in reverse 500 x1
Lead Race Complete a lap in first position 150 x2
Leap Frog Jump over a traffic vehicle 1000 x?
Shortcut Drive through a shortcut 200 x1
Sprayshow Perform a Nitrous Purge burst 100 x1

The following actions do not have set amount of points but increase over time the longer the player is able to perform an action, although the player will lose points for hitting a traffic vehicle;

  • Burnout - Spin the rear wheels and lay a patch of rubber
  • Draft - Stay behind the slipstream of a racer
  • Hangtime - Perform a big jump
  • Hydros - Perform a series of hydraulics jumps
  • Powerslide - Perform a drift
  • Reverse - Drive in reverse
  • Traffic Hit - Hit a traffic vehicle

Nitrous Purge

Nitrous Purge is a Car Specialty that sprays nitrous out of valves under the hood when activated. It can also be sprayed out of the front wheel wells if upgraded.


  • Exiting a Shop refills one nitrous bar.
  • The use of a filled Nitrous bar is more effective than several smaller doses.