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Art Director cars are a series of vehicles with performance upgrades and special exterior customisation components. They are uniquely modified based on design concepts by the Art Team of Need for Speed: World as well as vehicles featured in previous titles in the Need for Speed series.

Each Art Director vehicle is fitted with a unique paint job, neon and licence plate. Their aftermarket parts including wheels are often not available for individual purchase from the Aftermarket Store.

Performance parts equipped to these vehicles usually consist of Gromlen race tuned parts with the exception of the Audi A1 Clubsport quattro and Audi TT RS as they are fitted with Amerikon Speedsystems street tuned parts.


NFSWSafehouseChangeCarIcon TierIcon NFSW TopSpeedIcon2 AccelIcon2 HandlingIcon2 NFSWSafehouseVisualCustomisationIcon NFSWSafehouseCarGearIcon NFSWSafehouseCarSellIcon
NFSW Audi A1 clubsport quattro Speed 006A1 clubsport quattroAudiSmallMain A1 clubsport quattro
541Car class b 541 539 629 457 a541ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i541 a003100SpeedBoost23100
NFSW Audi R8 LMS ultra W-Racing Team 006R8 LMS ultraAudiSmallMain R8 LMS ultra
W-Racing Team
759Car class s 759 807 897 575 a759ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i759 a006800SpeedBoost26800
NFSW Audi TT RS Coupé Vesna 006TT RSAudiSmallMain TT RS
496Car class c 496 540 661 288 a496ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i496 a002600SpeedBoost22600
NFSW BMW 135i Coupe Flexor 009135i CoupéBMWSmallMain 135i Coupé
485Car class c 485 580 518 358 a485ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i485 a002300SpeedBoost22300
NFSW BMW 30 CSL Group 5 Leicht 0093.0 CSL Gr.5BMWSmallMain 3.0 CSL Gr.5
614Car class a 614 611 711 522 a614ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i614 a003300SpeedBoost23300
NFSW BMW M6 Convertible Monochrome 009M6 ConvertibleBMWSmallMain M6 Convertible
665Car class a 665 541 727 729 a665ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i665 a004300SpeedBoost24300
NFSW BMW Z4 M Coupe Limited 009Z4 M CoupéBMWSmallMain Z4 M Coupé
583Car class b 583 679 751 321 a583ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i583 fb583Promotional
NFSW BMW Z4 GT3 Team Need For Speed 009Z4 GT3BMWSmallMain Z4 GT3
Team Need for Speed
696Car class a 696 689 855 544 a696ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i696 a004900SpeedBoost24900
NFSW Dodge Viper SRT10 Limited 015Viper SRT10DodgeSmallMain Viper SRT10
583Car class b 583 679 751 321 a583ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i583 fb583Promotional
NFSW Ford GT 24H 018GTFordSmallMain GT
650Car class a 650 726 809 416 a650ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i650 a004800SpeedBoost24800
NFSW Ford Mustang RTR-X Team Need For Speed 018Mustang RTR-XFordSmallMain Mustang RTR-X
Team Need for Speed
763Car class s 763 688 844 759 a763ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i763 a005600SpeedBoost25600
NFSW Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake The Run 019GT500 Super SnakeFordShelbySmallMain GT500 Super Snake
The Run
745Car class a 745 724 845 666 a745ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i745 a006600SpeedBoost26600
NFSW Ford Shelby Mustang Terlingua Need For Speed 019Terlingua MustangFordShelbySmallMain Terlingua Mustang
Need for Speed
650Car class a 650 602 751 597 h01650NFSWBlackVariantIcon i650 a003400SpeedBoost23400
NFSW Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Limited 033Gallardo LP 560-4LamborghiniSmallMain Gallardo LP 560-4
592Car class b 592 583 728 467 a592ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i592 fb592Promotional
NFSW Lancia Delta Integrale Rally 034Delta HF Integrale EvoluzioneLanciaSmallMain Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione
591Car class b 591 602 678 493 a591ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i591 a003200SpeedBoost23200
NFSW Lotus Exige Cup 260 Adrenaline 039Exige Cup 260LotusSmallMain Exige Cup 260
650Car class a 650 605 703 642 a650ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i650 a003200SpeedBoost23200
NFSW Mazda RX-8 2003 Renesis 042RX-8MazdaSmallMain RX-8
549Car class b 549 507 677 465 a549ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i549 a002600SpeedBoost22600
NFSW Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition Gleam 044SLR McLaren 722 EditionMercedesBenzSmallMain SLR McLaren 722 Edition
706Car class a 706 724 834 560 a706ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i706 a004900SpeedBoost24900
NFSW Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Shatter 046Lancer Evolution XMitsubishiSmallMain Lancer Evolution X
560Car class b 560 589 653 438 a560ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i560 a003100SpeedBoost23100
623Car class a 623 584 677 609 a623ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 b623JuggsWorldIcon a005800SpeedBoost25800
623Car class a 623 584 677 609 a623ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 b623JuggsWorldIcon a005800SpeedBoost25800
NFSW Missing Car Placeholder 047BFH SUVNFSSmallMain BFH SUV
Speed Rabbit
623Car class a 623 584 677 609 a623ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i623 fa623Promotional
Speed Rabbit
NFSW Nissan 200SX S14 Hashiriya 14 048200SX (S14)NissanSmallMain 200SX (S14)
Hashiriya 14
445Car class c 445 470 499 368 a445ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i445 a001500SpeedBoost21500
NFSW Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Raven 048Skyline GT-R R34NissanSmallMain Skyline GT-R R34
538Car class b 538 606 682 326 a538ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i538 a002900SpeedBoost22900
NFSW Pagani Zonda F Roadster VIP 050F RoadsterPaganiSmallMain F Roadster
721Car class a 721 726 876 563 d721EliteEditionIcon2 i721 a010000SpeedBoost210000
NFSW Porsche Carrera RSR 30 Enduro 054Carrera RSR 3.0PorscheSmallMain Carrera RSR 3.0
594Car class b 594 604 682 498 a594ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i594 a003300SpeedBoost23300
NFSW Porsche 959 Year 1 054959PorscheSmallMain 959
Year One
733Car class a 733 725 782 694 a733ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i733 a005000SpeedBoost25000
NFSW Subaru Impreza WRX STI hatchback All Terrain 062Impreza WRX STI (Hatchback)SubaruSmallMain Impreza WRX STI (Hatchback)
All Terrain
631Car class a 631 606 692 597 a631ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i631 a003700SpeedBoost23700
NFSW Toyota MR2 Gymkhana 066MR2ToyotaSmallMain MR2
531Car class b 531 508 640 447 a531ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i531 a002400SpeedBoost22400
NFSW Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI Uber Bunny 068Golf GTi (Mk1)VWSmallMain Golf GTi (Mk1)
Uber Bunny
531Car class b 531 509 615 470 a531ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i531 a002300SpeedBoost22300
NFSW Volkswagen Scirocco VDub 068SciroccoVWSmallMain Scirocco
Boy Racer
417Car class c 417 495 525 232 a417ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i417 a001400SpeedBoost21400

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