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Cars can be purchased by a player from the Car Dealer within the Safehouse or from the official Need for Speed: World website.

Cars made available through the Car Dealer can be redeemed with either earned Cash (Dollar icon) or SpeedBoost (SpeedBoost2).

Select cars are sometimes given to the player when they purchase additional SpeedBoost through the official Need for Speed: World website. This is referred to as a Top-Up.

Each vehicle is placed into one of six classes based on their overall performance with each vehicle having an alternate stock performance. A three tier performance rating system was previously used until August 22nd, 2012.

The Car Dealer features a great number of vehicle variants known as Styles. Each style icon of a vehicle denotes if it has been modified and how modified it extensive it has been.

Special style variations are modified with aftermarket parts, performance upgrades and/or skill mods. Several modified cars in the dealership also come with unique specialities such as police lights and non-purchasable skill mods.


Standard models are shown with an icon colour based on the body paint of that vehicle. Standard models are offered for both Cash and SpeedBoost.


Standard models redeemable with Cash are not equipped with any aftermarket parts, skill mods or visual customisation.

They are highlighted within the Car Dealer with a Cash icon (Dollar icon) and a bold white price tag.


Standard models redeemable with SpeedBoost are equipped with Tuned Amerikon Speedsystems performance parts but without any visual customisation parts or skill mods.

They are highlighted within the Car Dealer with a SpeedBoost (SpeedBoost2) and an orange price tag.


Nfs world bmw m3 e92
Rental cars can also be purchased from the Car Dealer with SpeedBoost but are only made available to the player for a short period of time.

The available performance parts, visual parts and skill mods equipped to a rental car differs from model to model.


Styles are a series of several differently designed vehicles that are either specially equipped for a specific game mode or art style.

Non-Purchaseable VehiclesEdit

Police VehiclesEdit

Traffic VehiclesEdit

Traffic Vehicles
Nfs world sedan Nfs world coupe Nfs world hatchback
Civil Car Coupe Hatchback
Nfs world caravan Nfs world pickup Nfs world taxi
Minivan Pickup Truck Taxi
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