Holiday Themed cars in Need for Speed: World are cars customised with specially stylised liveries designed to resemble the themes of various holidays.

Players can purchase them for SpeedBoost or obtain them as gifts from a Top-Up but they are usually only made available during specific holiday periods. The Easter style variant of the BMW Z4 GT3 is the only holiday themed vehicle that is obtainable in a Car Pack of the Web Deals store. It was made available on March 22nd, 2013 in the Spring Car Pack.

Most holiday themed cars are upgraded with either Amerikon Speedsystems or Gromlen parts with the available Skill Mods differing between each vehicle model style. Each style variant of model is equipped with several aftermarket parts and has a unique licence plate attached to it.

The first holiday themed style of vehicle was released on December 16th, 2010 and was the 911 Turbo 'Snowflake'. It was released a week after a patch that first introduced Winter Holiday decorations on December 9th, 2010 but coincided with a patch that introduced a day and night cycle.

Snowflake cars are equipped with the ability to emit snowflakes from their rear whilst outside of the car dealer. The Hummer H1 'Alpha Snowflake' possesses the same ability to emit snowflakes and a speaker that plays a Christmas bell sound which increases in tempo as the vehicle accelerates. It can be activated by pressing the L key.

The McLaren MP4-12C 'Braaaiiiins' is the only Halloween themed style of vehicle model. It is fitted with a custom "BOO!!!" brake light that can be seen across the rear spoiler, 20" BBS wheels and a "M0N5T3R" license plate. It has a silhouette of a sleepy village for a livery consisting of marching zombies and a group of bats. It has a speaker that plays a series of Zombie sounds when pressing the L key.

A duo of Valentine's Day cars are made available each year since 2011. The two car model styles are entitled Beauty and the Beast with each being either a Chevrolet or Lexus vehicle. Both Beauty and Beast styles emit sparkles from their rear whilst outside of the car dealer as well as having a female driver.

The first Easter vehicle was released on April 3rd, 2012 and was the BMW Z4 GT3 'Easter Edition'.

A Fortune style of the Lamborghini Reventón was made available on February 1st, 2013 to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the year of the snake.

The Spring Hare style of the Lexus LFA is the first Spring themed vehicle to be featured in Need for Speed: World. It was released on March 26th, 2013. Following that, a This Side Up style of the Scion tC was released on April 1st, 2013, which has a April Fool's Day inspired paint job. On April 8th, 2013, a Cherry Blossom style of the Mazda RX-7 RZ was made available. It is a tribute to Hanami, a traditional Japanese festival usually held in spring.


NFSWSafehouseChangeCarIcon TierIcon NFSW TopSpeedIcon2 AccelIcon2 HandlingIcon2 NFSWSafehouseVisualCustomisationIcon NFSWSafehouseCarGearIcon NFSWSafehouseCarSellIcon
NFSW BMW M3 Sport Evolution Brezeln 009M3 Sport EvolutionBMWSmallMain M3 Sport Evolution
610Car class a 610 602 711 517 a610ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i610 a003300SpeedBoost23300
NFSW BMW Z4 GT3 Easter 009Z4 GT3BMWSmallMain Z4 GT3
Easter Edition
696Car class a 696 689 855 544 a696ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i696 a004900SpeedBoost24900
NFSW Chevroelt Corvette Z06 Beast 013Corvette Z06ChevroletSmallMain Corvette Z06
The Beast
653Car class a 653 722 813 425 a653ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i653 a005500SpeedBoost25500
NFSW Chevroelt Corvette Z06 CLE Beauty 013Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited EditionChevroletSmallMain Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition
The Beauty
689Car class a 689 725 885 458 a689ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i689 a005500SpeedBoost25500
NFSW Hummer H1 Alpha Snowflake 024H1 AlphaHummerSmallMain H1 Alpha
"Alpha" Snowflake
630Car class a 630 595 690 607 a630ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 e630SpeakerWorldIcon a005000SpeedBoost25000
NFSW Koenigsegg CCXR Edition Beauty 032CCXR EditionKoenigseggSmallMain CCXR Edition
The Beauty
793Car class s 793 803 887 689 a793ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i793 a008500SpeedBoost28500
NFSW Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Beast 033Aventador LP700-4LamborghiniSmallMain Aventador LP700-4
The Beast
824Car class s 824 807 888 779 a824ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i824 a008900SpeedBoost28900
NFSW Lamborghini Reventon Fortune 033ReventónLamborghiniSmallMain Reventón
771Car class s 771 805 863 645 a771ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i771 a008400SpeedBoost28400
NFSW Lexus IS-F Beauty 036IS FLexusSmallMain IS F
The Beauty
506Car class b 506 628 607 287 a506ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i506 a005500SpeedBoost25500
NFSW Lexus LFA Spring Hare 036LFALexusSmallMain LFA
Spring Hare
775Car class s 775 738 881 706 a775ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i775 a006200SpeedBoost26200
NFSW Lexus LFA Beast 036LFALexusSmallMain LFA
The Beast
769Car class s 769 725 878 706 a769ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i769 a005500SpeedBoost25500
NFSW Mazda RX7 RZ Cherry Blossom 042RX-7 RZMazdaSmallMain RX-7 RZ
Cherry Blossom
596Car class b 596 620 662 507 a596ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i596 a003900SpeedBoost23900
NFSW McLaren MP4-12C Brassiiiins 043MP4-12CMcLarenSmallMain MP4-12C
761Car class s 761 725 869 689 a761ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 e761SpeakerWorldIcon a005400SpeedBoost25400
NFSW Nissan GT-R SpecV R35 Snowzilla 048GT-R SpecV (R35)NissanSmallMain GT-R SpecV (R35)
694Car class a 694 727 836 520 c694NFSWDragVariantIcon i694 a004700SpeedBoost24700
NFSW Pagani Zonda Cinque Sleigh Runner 050Zonda CinquePaganiSmallMain Zonda Cinque
"Sleigh Runner" Drag
799Car class s 799 798 899 702 c799NFSWDragVariantIcon i799 a009200SpeedBoost29200
NFSW Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 Snowflake 054911 Carrera S (991)PorscheSmallMain 911 Carrera S (991)
755Car class s 755 729 848 689 a755ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i755 a005300SpeedBoost25300
NFSW Porsche 991 Turbo Snowflake 054911 TurboPorscheSmallMain 911 Turbo
484Car class c 484 602 592 259 a484ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i484 a003200SpeedBoost23200
NFSW Scion tC This Side Up 057tCScionSmallMain tC
This Side Up
542Car class b 542 536 634 456 a542ArtDirectorEditionIcon2 i542 a002500SpeedBoost22500



  • The GT-R SpecV (R35) "Snowzilla" Drag style was made available as a free gift for a short period of time after the community beat a challenge set by the developers.[1]


  1. Need for Speed World Home for the Holidays Community Challenge – SUCCESS!

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