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Performance Parts are customisable car parts available from the Customisation section of the Safehouse and can modify a vehicle's performance capabilities in a variety of ways.

The player's ability to customise their vehicle's performance was added in patch 5.00 on November 16th, 2010.


Performance Parts can be equipped to alter a vehicle's engine, forced induction, transmission, suspension, brakes and tyres with each capable of altering the characteristics of a vehicle as well as improving its overall statistic performance.

StreetBeigeEngine StreetBeigeForcedInduction StreetBeigeTransmission StreetBeigeSuspension StreetBeigeBrakes StreetBeigeTyres


The characteristic altering aspects of a performance part is portrayed by the colour of the icon for the part:

StreetBeigeEngine StreetBlueEngine
StreetRedEngine StreetGreenEngine
  • Beige - Unbias
  • Blue - Bias towards acceleration
  • Red - Bias towards handling
  • Green - Bias towards top speed


Performance parts are divided into four main Stages; Street, Race, Pro and Ultra with each providing an increased margin of performance capabilities. Each stage is displayed by a star rating system and a background pattern with more stars alongside a different pattern representing a different stage;

StreetBeigeEngine RaceBeigeEngine
ProBeigeEngine UltraBeigeEngine
  • NFSWStarIcon Street - Minute alteration in vehicle performance.
  • NFSWStarIconNFSWStarIcon Race - Marginal alteration in vehicle performance.
  • NFSWStarIconNFSWStarIconNFSWStarIcon Pro - Significant alteration in vehicle performance.
  • NFSWStarIconNFSWStarIconNFSWStarIconNFSWStarIcon Ultra - Intensive alteration in vehicle performance.


The performance alterations of a part within a given stage can also differ depending on the Rarity of the part. Rarer parts offer an increase in performance compared to its common counterpart towards an aspect based on its colour. Rarity is divided into Improved, Sport or Tuned with each being represented by a different font colour;

  • Improved - Standard performance part
  • Sport - Slight alteration of performance part
  • Tuned - Moderate alteration of performance part
  • Custom - Bespoke alteration of performance part


There are several fictional manufacturers that produced different stages of performance parts with each offering a vehicle altering series of characteristics and part rarities.

Street StageEdit

There are five Street Stage performance part manufacturers with four them offering their parts at all rarities with redemption of Cash. They can be found within the Performance Shop section of the Safehouse.

WorldAmerikonSpeedsystems - Amerikon Speedsystems WorldDownDraft - Dawndraft WorldNovaT - Nova-T WorldOmniaRacegruppe - Omnia Racegruppe WorldRoyalPurple - Royal Purple

Race StageEdit

There are four Race Stage performance part manufacturers with one of them offering parts equipped to some vehicles purchased with SpeedBoost. They can be obtained from either the Lucky Draw at the end of each event or by purchasing Silver, Gold or Platinum Performance Card Packs.

WorldGromlen - Gromlen WorldKestrel - Kestrel WorldRichter - Richter WorldNorset - Norset

Pro StageEdit

There are four Pro Stage performance part manufacturers. They can be obtained from either the Lucky Draw at the end of each event or by purchasing Gold or Platinum Performance Card Packs.

WorldMedion - Medion WorldVelocicom - Velocicom WorldVentura - Ventura WorldURSAMotorsport - URSA Motorsport

Ultra StageEdit

There are four Ultra Stage performance part manufacturers. They can be obtained from either the Lucky Draw at the end of each event or by purchasing Platinum Performance Card Packs.

WorldTranstek - Transtek WorldZeroTuningMods - Zero Tuning Mods WorldAttackMotorsport - Attack Motorsport WorldSpeedsciens - Speedsciens

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