Server Shards are a series of separate instances of Need for Speed: World with each separate instance only taking place within an individual server.

Players logged into a specific Server Shard will only be able to play and communicate with other drivers within that Server Shard. Players are capable of creating multiple drivers across several Server Shards but they not be able to carry performance parts from one driver to another across another Server Shard.

The migration of Need for Speed: World from a combined server experience to a separated server experience took place on June 27th, 2012 after the application of an update on the same day.

Some aspects of Need for Speed: World were made only available with the Server Shard a player is currently logged into. These include friend lists, in-game chat communication and matchmaking. Players are not capable of communicated to players in other Server Shards that the player is not signed into nor be able to see any players in alternative Shards.

All the users that had created drivers within Need for Speed: World before June 27th, 2012 were automatically placed within the Apex Sever Shard. New players are currently only offered the Apex Server to participate within.

All Server Shards feature the same gameplay experience but limit player communication and matchmaking to within each Shard in order to improve multiplayer stability.

Server Shards

There are two Server Shards currently running;

  • Apex (EU & NA) - Activated on June 27th, 2012
  • Chicane (EU & NA) - Activated on August 8th, 2012

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