The soundtrack of Need for Speed: World was composed by Mick Gordon but also reused the Pursuit soundtrack of Need for Speed: Undercover and a smaller selection of Need for Speed: Shift's original score.


Song Artist Usage
Sexi Mick Gordon Free Roam
Static Mick Gordon Free Roam
Cover Girl James Hannigan Free Roam (Golf Course during Christmas)
Intro Boom Jinx & Trifonic Intro
Castellated Nut (Remixed) Junkie XL Mitsubishi Eclipse "Elite" Soundtrack
That's How We Go Mick Gordon GamesCom 2011 Trailer
Blondes Are The Bomb Tim Winn Meeting Place (Overlook during Valentine's Day)
A Manner of Speed Paul Haslinger Pursuit and Team Escape
Friction Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Man & Machine Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Motion Blur Paul Haslinger Pursuit and Team Escape
No Line of Sight Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Power's Up! Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Torsion Field Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Treacherous Delivery Paul Haslinger Pursuit
Zero Sum Paul Haslinger Pursuit
? Mick Gordon Post-Race Statistics
? Mick Gordon Safehouse
Friction (Remixed) Paul Haslinger Team Escape (60 Seconds Stinger)

Unused Soundtrack

Need for Speed: World contained several unused soundtracks.

Song Artist
Street Racin' Mick Gordon
The Streets Mick Gordon
The World Online Mick Gordon

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