The Starter Pack was a small bundle costing $20. Players who purchased it before the game's release got a favoured login, a free orange and black painted Mazda Mazdaspeed3, removed level 10 cap and 8000 SpeedBoost points. Since December 31st, 2010 this offer is no longer purchasable.

The starter pack was also sold by different sites with other vehicles such as the Nissan Silvia (S15), Toyota Corolla GT-S and Volkswagen Scirocco.

Before September 8, 2010, the starter pack had to be purchased in order to remove the level 10 limit. Although many gamers that bought the pack felt that they had been ripped off after the level 10 cap was removed on September 8th, 2010. EA gave those who purchased a Starter Pack a free one-week rental of the Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, and BMW M3 GTR as a consolation.

On January 21, 2011 a new starter pack became purchasable. Players that purchased this pack are given the Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 and Porsche Cayman S. Also included is 8000 SpeedBoost, $60,000 in-game cash, a 10 day 2x Rep Amplifier and a favoured login.

Since March 12th, 2012, the Starter Pack has been made purchasable again on It is acquirable in three variations; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each pack includes an unique licence plate, a particular amount of SpeedBoost and two vehicles. Upon purchase, a code must be redeemed to receive the items.

The Bronze Starter Pack includes;

The Silver Starter Pack includes;

The Gold Starter Pack includes;

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