The Legends Update, also known as update 2, is a content update and patch released on December 9th, 2015 for console releases of Need for Speed (2015).

The update was first teased in the third Under the Hood segment published on the official Need for Speed website on December 8th, 2015.[1] The segment highlights feedback Ghost Games received with regards to the player's phone, the visual customisation elements of some vehicles, decals, and music.



  • Three new Trophies & Achievements.
    • Zero To Hero – Win a race while driving Eddie’s car
    • Eddie Is Back – Win Eddie’s progression
    • Hit The Ceiling – Get to REP level 70




  • Over 200 new decals.
    • 88 Basic Shapes
    • 13 Gradients
    • 20 Vector Shapes
    • 24 Arrows
    • 11 Paint Splats
    • 24 Curving Shapes
    • 3 AEM logos
    • 45 Need for Speed Themed


  • Reputation level cap increase from 60 to 70.
  • New Daily Challenges.
  • Ability to invite everyone in the current multiplayer session to an event whether or not the player is in a crew.
  • General bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.





  1. Under the Hood #3

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