An Air Filter is a performance part featured in Need for Speed (2015).

An Air Filter is used to refine the air being sucked in by the engine and prevents harmful materials from entering the cylinders. Many standard cars are fitted with a pleated paper filter as well as a severely restrictive air flow in favour of engine longevity over performance.

Various high performance aftermarket manufacturers offer improved filter designs or alternative materials, such as polyurethane foam, as a means to efficiently increase air flow and horse power output.


Stage Specifications
Stock Standard Air Filter
Sport Drop In Filter
NFS2015CreditsIcon370   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 1
Racing Short Ram Air Intake
NFS2015CreditsIcon920   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 2
Elite Cold Air Intake
NFS2015CreditsIcon1,750   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 24