The Clutch is a performance part featured in Need for Speed (2015).

A Clutch is a friction material that transfers power from the engine to the gearbox. It is comprised of a flywheel connected to the crank shaft of the engine and a pressure plate that holds a clutch disc in place. The clutch can be engaged and disengaged onto the flywheel through friction applied by the pressure plate, and allow for gear changes or braking.

Aftermarket upgrades can improve the amount of power the clutch disc can transfer from the engine, improve the performance of the flywheel, and reduce the amount of time required to change gear.


Stage Specifications
Sport Clutch w/ 0.4s gear change time
NFS2015CreditsIcon865   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 1
Sport+ Clutch w/ 0.3s gear change time
NFS2015CreditsIcon1,080   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 16
Performance Clutch w/ 0.2s gear change time
NFS2015CreditsIcon1,835   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 26
Racing Clutch w/ 0.1s gear change time
NFS2015CreditsIcon2,590   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 37
Elite Clutch w/ 0.05s gear change time
NFS2015CreditsIcon3,350   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 49