A Crew Play is a multiplayer party function in Need for Speed (2015) that allows up to eight players, within the same multiplayer session, to compete against each other in events.

Players can join a crew from the Crew Play section of the Need for Speed Network menu, which can be accessed by pressing the view button on Xbox One or pressing down the touch pad on PlayStation 4.

Joining a crew will show fellow players within that crew as a solid blue triangle on the minimap, and highlight their profile icon within the top-centre of the player's screen with a blue border around their avatar.

Players can invite fellow crew members to a multiplayer event by driving to the start location of an event and selecting the "Invite Crew" option. All players invited are shown in the top-centre of the player's screen with a red light underneath highlighting they're unable to join, an orange spiral if they have not yet responded to the invitation or a blue light if they've accepted the invite.

Crew options can be accessed from the My Crew section and pressing Y on Xbox One or Triangle on PlayStation 4. These options allow the player to toggle voice chat channels and the privacy of their current crew.

My Crew

My Crew highlights current players in the same multiplayer session as the player with each shown in their own individual slot. Any open slot in the multiplayer session is shown as a "Free Slot".

A player's slot shows their profile avatar, their current reputation level, their online status, their profile name, their current driving situation, and the car they are currently driving. They will also be listed as being either in AllDrive freeroam or currently a part of a crew.

Highlighting a player's slot and selecting player options, using the X button on Xbox One or Square on PlayStation 4, will open a list of interaction options. Players can join that player if they're not currently in the garage or in an event, can view their Snapshot gallery, can view their stats, send them a friend request, view their profile, and report them.

Highlighting a player's slot and pressing the A button on Xbox One or X button on PlayStation 4 will invite that player to join a crew.

Players Online

Players Online lists all recent and recommended players that can be invited to a multiplayer session or currently join their multiplayer session.

Available Crews

Available Crews lists crews with open slots that players may join. Joining a crew through this section will place the player in their multiplayer session as long as there are free slots within that session.