Drift Corners in Need for Speed (2015) are activities dotted around Ventura Bay. There is a total of 10 Drift Corners across Ventura Bay.

Drift corners are highlighted by an icon representing a winding road on a warning road sign. This icon will appear on the player's minimap and above a drift corner's location.

Nearing a drift corner will spawn a series of orange flares along a drift area on either side of the road. A player may enter the corner at any speed, but only points earned during a single drift will count towards a corner's target. Ending a drift any point will end the player's current run towards their score for a drift corner.

Beaten drift corners will be shown on the player's phone map.

Speed Runs

Title Location Target
Counter Spun Royal Park 2,500
Cozy Nook Crescent Mountains 3,500
Fender Bender Burnwood 4,000
Ground Floor South Port 3,500
Ken't Block This El Rey 3,800
Loop the Loop South Port 3,000
Metal Grinder Franklin Terrace 4,500
One More El Rey 3,000
Scandinavian Flick Crescent Mountains 3,000
The Drift Side Franklin Terrace 3,200