Drift Trial in Need for Speed (2015) is a point to point single player event type along a route set out with checkpoints. The player wins if they beat the event's target score.

Drifting at high speed and at an extreme angle will add points to the player's total.


Event Rating Rep Rewards Distance Target
 We Go On Three? (Medium) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 16  NFS2015CreditsIcon3,500 12,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  1.50 mi  (2.41 km)  20 Checkpoints 20,000
 Drift Like A Panthaa (Easy) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 2  NFS2015CreditsIcon2,000 9,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  2.34 mi  (3.77 km)  19 Checkpoints 15,000
 Wide And Tight (Easy) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 10  NFS2015CreditsIcon2,000 9,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  3.03 mi  (4.88 km)  17 Checkpoints 20,000
 Nocturnable (Medium) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 16  NFS2015CreditsIcon3,500 12,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  2.02 mi  (3.25 km)  12 Checkpoints 30,000
 Push Upstairs (Medium) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 20  NFS2015CreditsIcon3,500 12,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  1.87 mi  (3.01 km)  22 Checkpoints 20,000
 Without A Kalare (Hard) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 42  NFS2015CreditsIcon8,000 19,500NFS2015RepSmallIcon  5.26 mi  (8.47 km)  37 Checkpoints 80,000
 Push Downstairs (Hard) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 32  NFS2015CreditsIcon8,000 19,500NFS2015RepSmallIcon  2.86 mi  (4.6 km)  36 Checkpoints 30,000
 The Tariq Twostep (Easy) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 4  NFS2015CreditsIcon2,000 9,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  2.36 mi  (3.8 km)  27 Checkpoints 35,000

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