The Exhaust Manifold is a performance part featured in Need for Speed (2015).

The Exhaust Manifold (Headers in American English) is a series of pipes leading from the exhaust valves of each combustion chamber into a large singular pipe called a Collector, and flow exhaust gas towards the car's exhaust system.

Aftermarket exhaust manifolds can allow for greater flow, and allow for greater amounts of exhaust gas to be vented from the combustion chamber.


Stage Specifications
Stock Stock Exhaust Manifold
Sport EL Manifold
NFS2015CreditsIcon960   Complete Amy's 1st mission objective - In the Driver's Seat
Performance UEL Manifold
NFS2015CreditsIcon2,580   Complete Amy's 11th mission objective - Blue Kobra Blitz
Racing Race Manifold
NFS2015CreditsIcon5,330   Complete Amy's 19th mission objective - Fueled For The Fire
Elite Titanium Manifold
NFS2015CreditsIcon9,700   Complete Amy's 26th mission objective - Least Is Most