The Epilogue of Need for Speed (2015) is unlocked once the player completes all five of the Driving Icon story mission story threads.

The player is called by Robyn to join her and the crew for a special run.

Contact Objective Reward
NFS2015PhoneContactRobyn Robyn
#1 NFS2015CrewMissionIcon
Victory Lap (Hard)
Finish top 3 against Robyn and the guys
NFS2015CreditsIcon12,000   29,250NFS2015RepSmallIcon

After completing the race with the crew, Robyn admits that she organised another run with the crew and the driving icons they've all impressed.

Contact Objective Reward
NFS2015PhoneContactRobyn Robyn
#2 NFS2015CrewMissionIcon
On The Dream Team (Hard)
Win the race against all Icons!
NFS2015CreditsIcon12,000   29,250NFS2015RepSmallIcon

Following the race with the crew and the driving icons, Travis invites everyone back to the club.

Contact Objective Reward
NFS2015PhoneContactTravis Travis
#3 NFS2015OutlawMissionIcon
Meet everyone at the club!
XboxAchievementIcon Ultimate Icon

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