The Reputation App is a phone application featured in Need for Speed (2015), and offers a breakdown of the player's reputation within Ventura Bay.

Players can access the reputation app by pressing the Menu button on Xbox One (XboxOne Button Menu) or the Options button on PlayStation 4 (PS4 Button Options) from either the garage or whilst free roaming in AllDrive, and selecting the REP icon.

Player Information

The player information section shows the player's username, their AllDrive icon, and a driving title associated with their reputation breakdown.

The player icon will show to other players in an AllDrive session or SpeedList with the picture used with their account. A player may use a unique image within AllDrive and SpeedLists by visiting the Need for Speed Network through a web browser at, signing in using their EA account, and uploading an image.


Shows the player's current REP level, their current progression amount towards the next REP level, and a chart showing a breakdown of all reputation they have earned so far.

REP Level

The player's REP level is shown as the orange number in the centre of the phone screen, and their earned reputation towards progressing to the next level is shown as an orange circle that increases clockwise around their current REP level number.

Reputation Types

The total amount of reputation earned by a player is shown in the form of a minimalist pie chart that is split into five coloured segments, with each representing one of the five different driving types: Speed, Style, Outlaw, Build, and Crew.

The chart shows the amount of reputation they have earned with regards to each driving style divided amongst their total reputation earned through driving. Specific amounts of reputation earned for each driving style can be found by highlighting the Driver Details section of Overview within My NFS.

The chart does not take into account any reputation earned as part of event rewards or challenge completion. It continuously tracks the player's earned reputation points through driving, and isn't limited to reputation level 70 cap of 13,422,073.


Pressing the X button on Xbox One (XboxOne Button X) or the Square button on PlayStation 4 (PS4 Button Square) will toggle the phone screen to show a notification history for the highlighted event.

The notifications list will highlight any unlocked performance parts, visual customisation parts, pre-set wraps, recovered "free" parts, decals, donor car parts, driving icon cars or completed challenges.