Speed Runs in Need for Speed (2015) are activities dotted around Ventura Bay. There is a total of 10 Speed Runs across Ventura Bay.

Speed Runs are highlighted by an icon representing a lighting bolt on a warning road sign. This icon will appear on the player's minimap and above a Speed Run's start line location.

Nearing a speed run will spawn a start line and two orange flares on either side of it. Stopping close to the start line will enter the player into the speed run, and they will have to beat a target time without colliding with any walls or solid items to post a time.

Beaten speed runs will be shown on the player's phone map.

Speed Runs

Title Location Target Checkpoints Distance
Breaking Point Royal Park 32.00s 6 Checkpoints 0.55 mi  (0.89 km)
Carbon Fiber South Port 30.00s 4 Checkpoints 0.50 mi  (0.8 km)
Danger Zone Burnwood 28.00s 5 Checkpoints 0.60 mi  (0.97 km)
Downhill Hustle Crescent Mountains 27.00s 3 Checkpoints 0.55 mi  (0.89 km)
Jumper Cable Franklin Terrace 30.00s 4 Checkpoints 0.62 mi  (1 km)
Like Clockwork Crescent Mountains 26.00s 3 Checkpoints 0.55 mi  (0.89 km)
Thunder South Port 30.00s 4 Checkpoints 0.39 mi  (0.63 km)
Vorpal Blade Franklin Terrace 47.00s 3 Checkpoints 0.47 mi  (0.76 km)
Warped Crescent Mountains 30.00s 4 Checkpoints 0.62 mi  (1 km)
Wildlife El Rey 25.00s 3 Checkpoints 0.68 mi  (1.09 km)