Sway Bars are a performance part featured in Need for Speed (2015).

Anti-roll Bars (Sway Bars) are a part of the suspension system for a car that reduce the amount of body roll that a car can experience whilst turning. The bar connects the opposite left and right wheel together to increase the roll stiffness of a suspension set-up, and keeps each wheel at a similar height.

Aftermarket upgrades can reduce the amount of body roll and reduce wheel lift through fast or tight cornering.


Stage Specifications
Stock Stock Suspension
Sport Semi Adjustable Sway Bars
NFS2015CreditsIcon530   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 7
Unlocks 2 Handling Tuning nodes for Sway Bars.
Racing Adjustable Sway Bars
NFS2015CreditsIcon1,140   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 28
Unlocks 4 Handling Tuning nodes for Sway Bars.
Elite Fully Adjustable Sway Bars
NFS2015CreditsIcon1,570   NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 47
Unlocks all 5 Handling Tuning nodes for Sway Bars.

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