Urbex Spots (Urban Exploration Spots) in Need for Speed (2015) are collectable locations dotted around Ventura Bay. There is a total of 10 Urbex Spot locations across Ventura Bay.

Urbex Spots are highlighted by an icon representing a bright star. This icon will appear on the player's minimap and above an Urbex Spot's location.

Driving near a Urbex Spot will trigger a prompt to capture an image of the location. Pressing the button highlighted by the prompt will capture a snapshot of the location and may include the player's car in the image.

Captured Urbex Spots will appear with a green tick icon next to their collectable icon above their location, and will be shown on the player's phone map.

Urbex Spots

Title Location
Camouflaged Water Tower Interstate 6 Intersection, Franklin Terrace
Face in the Rock Bishop Rock Wildlife Reserve, El Rey
Life Bar Arcadia Park, Royal Park
Monocle Mural Beckenholl, Burnwood
Nancy Ventura Bay Art Centre, South Port
Perfect Hideout Cross Roads, Burnwood
Pixel Beckenholl, Burnwood
Shaman Beckenholl, Burnwood
The Nerd Los Sol, Burnwood
Train Wreck Cross Roads, Burnwood