This is the soundtrack used for Need for Speed II. The game is the first in the Need for Speed franchise to use interactive music, which is adapted to the situation of the race. Most tracks in the game have two unique themes. The Menu theme is remixed in Need for Speed: The Run.

Menu Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Rom Di Prisco Menu 03:58
Rom Di Prisco Romulus 3 03:23

Racing Music

Artist Song Title Length Track
Alistair Hirst Hellbent for Lederhosen 05:28 North Country
Alistair Hirst Kangchenjunga 05:19 Mystic Peaks
Jack Weinland Sound Stage Strut 04:09 Monolithic Studios
Jeff van Dyck Corroborre 04:07 Outback
Jeff van Dyck Heinerklingle 04:36 North Country
Jeff van Dyck Pavlova 02:40 Outback
Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas Fasolatha 03:28 Mediterraneo
Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas Gore 04:55 Monolithic Studios
Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas Headless Horse 05:27 Proving Grounds
Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas Nashat 08:22 Mystic Peaks
Saki Kaskas Feta Cheese 04:05 Mediterraneo
Saki Kaskas Sanoqoua 04:16 Pacific Spirit
Saki Kaskas Siwash Rock 03:22 Pacific Spirit
Robert Ridihalgh Halling Ass 02:50 Proving Grounds

Special Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Crispin Hands Cerebral Plumbing (Credits Theme) 04:56
Jeff van Dyck Ford Indigo Theme 00:32
Koko Productions Ford GT90 Theme 00:33
Koko Productions Italdesign Cala Theme 00:38
Rom Di Prisco Ferrari F355 Theme 00:40
Rom Di Prisco Lotus Esprit V8 Theme 00:39
Rom Di Prisco Lotus Elise GT1 Theme 00:28
Rom Di Prisco McLaren F1 Theme 00:39
Saki Kaskas Jaguar XJ220 Theme 00:41
Unknown Ferrari F50 Theme 00:43
Unknown Ford Mustang Mach III Theme 00:49
Unknown Italdesign Nazca C2 00:44