• The PlayStation 1 and PC releases use different first siren sounds but share the third one since it uses two siren sounds. It is unused in the PlayStation 1 version of High Stakes for the American and British sirens.
  • The PC release's siren sounds are later reused in the PC release of High Stakes for the American police siren sounds and in Gamecube/Xbox/PC releases of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.
  • The cops use loud speakers in the PlayStation 1 release and in the PC demo release although the latter requires cheat codes to activate it.
  • Police radio chatter can only be heard in the PC release.
  • The police radio chatter is reused in the Gamecube/Xbox/PC releases of Hot Pursuit 2.
  • The AI police cars in the PlayStation 1 release can bust a player if they drive less than 30 mph.
  • The PlayStation 1 release lacks cockpit view.
  • The PlayStation 1 release includes an Arcade mode and Simulation mode.
  • Hot Pursuit Mode is not available in the PlayStation 1 release.
  • The PC release remarks the class categories for cars as class A, class B and class C.
  • The traffic on the Atlantica and Aquatica tracks drive in the same direction on the PlayStation 1 release.
  • Various traffic vehicles from the PlayStation 1 release are reused in the PlayStation 1 release of High Stakes.
  • The PC release was the first game in the series to provide online multiplayer.

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