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This is the soundtrack used for Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. Aquilla 303 and Cetus 808 are remixed by Mick Gordon in Need for Speed: The Run.

Menu Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Alistair Hirst Whacked 01:14
Rom Di Prisco Pi 01:01
Rom Di Prisco Romulus 3 03:23
Rom Di Prisco Triton 0:58

Racing Music

Artist Song Title Length Course
Alistair Hirst Warped 06:19 Empire City
Matt Ragan Rear Flutterblast#19 06:36 Atlantica
Matt Ragan Snorkeling Cactus Weasels 05:49 Redrock Ridge
Matt Ragan Snow Bags 07:29 Summit
Rom Di Prisco Aquilla 303 06:51 Aquatica
Rom Di Prisco Cetus 808 06:18 Lost Canyon
Rom Di Prisco Hydrus 606 04:59 Country Woods
Saki Kaskas Flimsy 08:35 Empire City
Saki Kaskas Knossos 08:00 Rocky Pass
Saki Kaskas Little Sweaty Sow 08:33 Hometown

Special Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Crispin Hands Monster (Showcase Theme) 02:49

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