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The Need for Speed Wiki has several administrative users appointed with extra editing options for site maintenance and content protection.

Founder Bureaucrats Sysop
NFSWQuestionMarlIcon Nelson340 Inactive Germany icon CMAN122 Active USA icon Angeloky Active
UK icon LeMansRacer Active NFSWQuestionMarlIcon Azliq7 Inactive
USA icon Red Polar Bear Ranger Inactive USA icon Exlonox Inactive
NFSWQuestionMarlIcon Ryan Inactive Korea icon Hyungwoo0312 Active
Australia icon Some Color Mage Inactive Malaysia icon Krieger22 Active
Sweden icon Kuzz Inactive
Norway icon Woltor Inactive

User Levels

Need for Speed Wiki

Each user role has their own user rights specific to this wiki including those of any role listed beneath it.

  • Founder (Admin) - Founder Profile Banner.
  • Bureaucrat (Admin) - Manipulate User Rights.
  • Sysop (Admin) - Delete, Protection, Block, Rollback, Skin Editing, and MediaWiki Editing.
  • Emailconfirmed User - Optional wikia emails and lost password reset.
  • Autoconfirmed User - No capthca verification and edit semi-protected pages.
  • Registered User - Add images, add videos, maintain a user profile, and hide adverts.
  • Unregistered User - Edit pages and view page history

Wikia Community

Some users have rights above all others on every wikia site.

  • Staff (Yellow-wikialogo) - Staff Rights and Utilities (Employees)
  • Helpers (Yellow-wikialogo) - Staff Rights and Utilities (Volunteers)
  • Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) - Admin Rights and Vandalism Protection

Special Tags

  • Authenticated - Wikia Staff verified VIP.
  • Volunteer Developers - Technically skilled Wikia software users.
  • Community Council - Members selected by Wikia Staff to provide preliminary feedback on features.
Help: User Access Levels
If you wish to apply for a position, see here.

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