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Need for speed the run nikki and mila
Nikki and Mila are a duo in Need for Speed: The Run. They are participants of the race to New York and are encountered during Stage 3.

After her mother died, Nikki has spent most of her time in a garage, where her dad worked as a mechanic for Mila's family. It's mentioned that Mila's family live in prosperity, as well as Nikki and Mila themselves.

Jack first encounters them at a gas station near Las Vegas, although Mila can be already seen at the beginning of the game. He has to pass both in a sprint race event to climb up to position 150 before continuing to Chicago.

Mila Belova will challenge Jack in Stage 9 again. After beating her, he'll gain access to her car.


Nikki appears to drive a white Nissan 370Z equipped with the Aero Pack body kit. It's branded as Nissan 370Z Nikki Signature Edition by the game. Mila is seen driving a yellow 370Z, also branded as a Signature Edition model. Both vehicles are performance tuned as well.


  • Mila Belova is played by Irina Shayk, whilst Nikki Lovett is played by Chrissy Teigen. Both are Sports Illustrated models.

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