For the main track of which this track is based on, see Nordschleife.
Nordschleife (Nurburg)
Track Nordschleife (Nurburg)
Track type Race
Location Europe
Length 4.03 miles
Corners to master 10
Sector 1 1–4
Sector 2 5–7
Sector 3 8–10

Nurburg is a 4.03-mile race track based in Europe. It is one of the 37 race tracks in Need for Speed: Shift, and is the one of three one-way tracks to be featured in Shift. The other one-way tracks are Aremberg and Karussell. All three are part of a longer track Nordschleife, which is based on a real life track in Germany, Nürburgring, where Nordschleife is one of the track configurations for Nürburgring.

Nurburg is one of few tracks which do not qualify for Time Attack event as it is not a closed loop. The track features in several Tier 2 to Tier 4 events. There are 3 Minor Badges involved with this track.



Need for Speed: Shift

Shift 2: Unleashed


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