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Zonda F Roadster
Italy icon PaganiSmallMain 2006 - 2009
EngineInfoboxIcon 7.3L V12 (M120)
BHPInfoboxIcon 641 bhp @ 6200 rpm
TorqueInfoboxIcon 561 lb·ft @ 4000 rpm
DrivetrainInfoboxIcon RWD
AccelerationInfoboxIcon 3.5 seconds
MassInfoboxIcon 1230 kg (2712 lbs)
TopSpeedInfoboxIcon 214 mph (344 km/h)
TransmissionInfoboxIcon 6-speed (Manual)
No Audio Preview Available

The Pagani Zonda F Roadster is an open top variant of the Pagani Zonda F from Pagani.

It was unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show and only 25 examples of the Roadster were built. It features the same engine as the standard F model but has an increased power output.

The F Roadster's total mass is similar to the standard F model's although this was accomplished through the use of an entirely carbon-fibre body. The use of carbon-fibre has also meant that the chassis of the Roadster is incredibly rigid compared to other open-top converted models.

Need for Speed: WorldEdit

The Pagani Zonda F Roadster is featured in Need for Speed: World but has only been gifted to a selected number of players in a special "VIP" style. It is currently unknown as to what qualifies a player to receive the vehicle as a gift.

The VIP Zonda F Roadster is rewarded to players with a series of Aftermarket parts including a stage three lowering kit, a red neon and a "VIP" license plate.

The car is not upgraded with performance parts but instead it is equipped with a series of two star rated skill mods;

  • Two Extended Nitrous
  • Rapid Fire
  • Two Super Shot

The top speed of the Roadster is 190 mph (306 km/h), which is the same as seen by the Coupe without upgrades. It can sustain a constant speed through a series of corners although there is a small chance of understeer. The Roadster is overall nearly identical to its closed roof counterpart with the exception of a more powerful nitrous boost.

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