The Peugeot 206 GTi is a hatchback manufactured by Peugeot.

It boasts the second most powerful engine Peugeot offered for the 206 series, behind the 206 GTi180 with 180bhp.

Need for Speed: Underground

The Peugeot 206 is unlocked by default and can be purchased by the player as their first car in Underground Mode for 8,500 in-game cash.

The 206 boasts quick acceleration and good handling, making it up to par with the competitive Mazda MX-5. When fully upgraded, the 206 also becomes capable of a high top speed.

Need for Speed: Underground 2

The Peugeot 206 reappears in Need for Speed: Underground 2 as a selectable starter car in the career mode.

The 206 is featured with similar driving characteristics as seen in the first Underground title.

Stock 0-60 mph: 8.32 s 0-100 mph: 21.00 s Top Speed: 125.0 mph (201 km/h) Torque: 141.5 ft-lbs Power: 138.0 bhp
Fully Upgraded 0-60 mph: 3.12 s 0-100 mph: 8.54 s Top Speed: 207.0 mph (333 km/h) Torque: 278.0 ft-lbs Power: 398.8 bhp