Police Radio Codes are utilised by the police departments in the Need for Speed series to communicate between pursuit units and department supervisors.

These codes are used by the RPD in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the PPD in Need for Speed: Carbon, the TCBPD in Need for Speed: Undercover and the PPD in Need for Speed: World.

Code Meaning Code Meaning
10-4 Message received and understood 10-65 Urging suspect to a trap
10-6 Responding from a distance 10-67 Spike strip
10-7 Out of service (detailed) 10-70 Inform city engineering
10-10 Negative 10-71 Requesting air support
10-20 Current location 10-73 Roadblock
10-25 Out of service 10-75 Rolling Roadblock
10-33 Requesting assistance in emergency 10-83 Setting up quadrant
10-34 Requesting sports cruiser 10-85 Requesting unit
10-36 Police unit traffic collision 10-96 Traffic stop
10-39 P.I.T. Manoeuvre Code 1 Situation under control
10-41 Self P.I.T. Code 2 Sirens or lights only
10-42 Traffic accident Code 3 Both Sirens and lights in use
10-43 Traffic jam Code 4 Suspect captured
10-44 Requesting Rhino Code 5 Requesting units
10-45 Ramming suspect Code 6 Losing suspect
10-50 Hit & Run Code 7 Heat condition increased
10-63 Offset Code 8 Suspect found

Fairhaven City Police Department

The FCPD in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) uses an alternative set of codes.

Code Meaning Code Meaning
10-1 Responding 10-42 Reckless driver
10-2 ​​ Cancel response 10-43 Vehicle wanted
10-3  Arrived on scene 10-44 Racing vehicles
10-4  Message received, understood, & acknowledged 11-50 Accident
10-5 Repeat 11-51 Hit & Run
10-6 Standby 11-52 Auto accident
10-10 Returned/returning to station 11-53 Trailer accident
10-30 Back-up required 11-54 Spilled cargo
10-31 Patrol unit back-up 11-55 Traffic hazard
10-32 SUV/Rhino unit back-up 11-56 Tow truck required
10-34 Interceptor unit back-up 11-57 Transport required
10-36 Tactical back-up needed 11-58 Accident with no details 
10-40 Suspicious vehicle 11-59 Major emergency
10-41 Speeding vehicle 11-23 Vehicle out of service


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