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The Police Scanner is a scanning device utilised to identify police units within the vicinity of the player.

The device will beep faster as a police unit approaches the player's vehicle. Need for Speed: Most Wanted displays a small arrow to display the direction in which the police vehicle is approaching. Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: Undercover display a red arrow on the minimap to show any nearby police units.



  • The Police Scanner features following characteristics in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005):
    • It turns green upon detecting a police vehicle but is unable to detect police vehicles from behind the player.
    • It turns orange upon the player approaching a speed camera.
    • It is inactive during pursuits but reactivates itself upon entering cooldown mode.
  • Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed: Undercover feature a pulse radar which blinks faster as police vehicles near the player. Police units are also displayed as red triangles on the mini-map.
  • In Hot Pursuit (2010), the police scanner only blinks upon the player approaching a police interceptor unit.

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