The State Tactical Cruiser is a disguised patrol car utilised by the Palmont Police Department. There are two models of the State Muscle Cruiser; the undercover model fitted with a full police package as well as a black body colour and the standard model.

The vehicle is a advanced tactical unit used by experienced state troopers with advanced vehicle training. The unit is moderately heavy and resilient resulting in an persistent means of pursuit against excessively high durability vehicles. The high power and torque created by the vehicle's engine is matched by the tyres fitted, resulting in an extremely effective pursuit vehicle.

Troopers driving State Tactical units are trained in the following advanced driving techniques: Box, Herd, PIT, Ram, Roadblock, Rolling Roadblocks and Spike Strip. These units typically appear in packs of at least two or three.

The unit will appear in pursuits at Heat Level 4 in Need for Speed: World. It also appears in the Team Escape events Underground and High Stakes.